Just days after a coyote attacked a woman who thankfully survived in Washington County, now Albany has something to worry about.

Now in the video above you can get a very blurry view of the animal that police are attempting to track down. In the photo in my honest opinion it really just looks like a house cat. The sighting of this animal was around the area of Buckingham Pond. That throws me for a loop because its in the middle of the city.

The animal however wasn't found when police arrived on the scene. That is what makes it so worrisome. They are still warning the public to be vigilant and report any sighting of the animal as it could be roaming the streets at this moment. If you indeed to see the animal they urge you to call this number, 518-438-4000.

On a side note, what do you think this animal is? A house cat? Bobcat? Let us know in the comments field on Facebook.