Okay, I'm feeling a little better about another local business closing up shop now that I know that another one will be opening in it's place. By what appears to be a former employee of Center Square Pub at that!

I was a little sad to learn that Center Street Pub, kind of quietly, closed it's doors last month. Then again since moving a bit out of the area I haven't exactly had my finger on the pulse of Center Square as much as I did before. I used to love stopping at Center Square Pub for a quick drink or a bite to eat on my walk to catch a show at the Palace or the Hollow and as one of the regular stops whenever there's a holiday or an event going on in the Washington Park/Lark St./Center Square neighborhood.

Well, it looks like the building that housed Center Square Pub won't be sitting empty for long. According to the Times Union a new pup is set to open in the fall called Dove and Deer. Who's namesake will pay homage to Albany's rich history. As pointed out in an Instagram post

In 1794 Simon De Witt created the birds and mammals grid system for street names. While the mammals have been replaced;

DEER (State) TIGER (Lancaster) BUFFALOE (Hudson) and WOLF (Madison)

The "premium casual pub with a vintage vibe in the heart of Center Square" sits on the corner of what is now Dove and State streets. Hence the name Dove and Deer.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am excited to test out the new spot but but I sometimes wonder if these business are just sort of giving the restaurants a face lift and rebranding in an effort to sell more expensive cocktails? I guess we will find out once a menu gets released. Are you excited for the next reincarnation to occupy the corner of Dove and Deer (State) streets?