Kyle Kleege is a local filmmaker who has been winning awards at Independent Horror Movie Festivals with his films and now the Capital Region can see Kyle Kleege’s short film ‘Procession’ on WMHT’s ‘TVFilm’ on July 22nd at 11:30pm.

I have appeared in three of Kyle’s films. I’ve played a cowardly cop, a dirty pervert and a getaway driver that has to pee. I always enjoy working with Kyle and everyone at Dirty Sweater Productions. I enjoyed working with them so much that I've had Kyle and Charity Buckbee of Dirty Sweater Productions on 2 episodes of The Generation X Files: Indie Movie-a-go-go & The Hate File.

And then there was that time I made a video for Q103 featuring Kyle.

You can check out Dirty Sweater Production's Facebook page for more info about this up and coming local group:

Also an official website is coming soon!


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