Well, we may not be getting the new Amazon headquarters but it appears that we may be getting a distribution center.

I know it's not the huge hub many were hoping for but at least it will bring a few jobs into the Capital Region (and possibly quicker delivery on some of your orders).

For the last few months a developer has been working towards building a nearly 1.2 million-square-foot distribution center for a unknown tenant in Schodack. According to the TU it just so happens the specifications for the center are just about the exact same specs as several other Amazon distribution centers that have been built recently across the states. Centers that have also come to be in the same low key hush hush manner as the Schodack center.

Well, at this weeks Schodack Town Planning Board meting the tenant representative let the cat of the bag and confirmed that it was Amazon they were working with and that they are working on building a 1,015,740 square-foot space on 116 in acres between I90 and Route 9.

The new distribution center is expected to create 800 full time jobs. Similar jobs at the center in in MA say that the jobs pay $12.75-$13.25 an hour.