I'm not a master of the English language, yet I talk on the radio for a living. There are many times you'll hear me screw up a person's name or even a town's name on air. There are countless times that has happened in my career (more so during my time in North Carolina).

Before I moved to the Capital Region I was fortunate enough to visit the area and learn a lot of the town names before cracking the mic for the first time - Thankfully.

Fox News has put together a list of the Top 10 Most Commonly Mispronounced Towns And Cities. Guess What? Schenectady got ranked!


  • 1

    Spokane, Washington

    Pronounced Spo-CAN, not Spo-CANE.

    The city's name means "children of the sun".

  • 2

    Milan, Michigan

    My-LEN, not Mi-LAHN, is anout 40 minutes from Toledo, OH. It is believed that Italian immigrants named the city after the city in their homeland.

    The Town is used to people mispronouncing the name and even say "the name is just a name" in their promotional commercials.

  • 3

    Boerne, Texas

    This is one I would never have guessed unless reading the pronunciation first: Ber-NEE.

    The city was named in honor the German-Jewish political writer Ludwig Börne and use the tag line "Boerne – as unique as our name!"

  • 4

    Sequim, Washington

    With just about a 6,600 population how would you say this town's name?

    Take a second.

    The real way to say it: Sqwim. Think swim with a q thrown in.

  • 5

    Schenectady, New York

    Schenectady drops in at No.5 on this list and why wouldn't it?

    I had troubles the first time I read the city name and nearly every out of towner I talk to on the phone when giving the station's address ask me either how to spell or pronounce it.

    I don't think I need put the pronunciation but for good measure: ski-NEK-tuh-dee

  • 6

    Schley, North Carolina

    More letters in the name of this Southern town then what is actually used. How do you say it?

    Sly - like a fox. How do you get that out of Schley, I don't know.

  • 7

    Helena, Montana

    Pronounced HELL-e-na, not Hel-AY-na.

    Miners from Minnesota renamed the town after Saint Helena, which is also a city in their home state.

  • 8

    Worcester, Massachusetts

    WOR-ches-ter? No.

    WOR-sess-ter? No.

    WUSS-TER? Yep

  • 9

    Kissimmee, Florida

    This Florida destination with nearly 60,000 in population gets their name butchered on a regular basis.

    ka-SIM-mee is the proper way to say, not KISS-a-mee.

  • 10

    La Jolla, California

    La HOY-a would be the right way to pronounce this seaside California town. Though most say it like La JOL-LA.

    The town name has town meanings: In Spanish it means "The Jewel" and in Native American "Hole in the Mountains".

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