The 2018 Winter Olympics were filled with moments of triumph, moments of disaster, moments of celebration, and moments of heartbreak.  From Mikaela Shiffrin winning a giant slalom gold in Alpine Skiing, to the upset of her losing a podium spot in her celebrated event- slalom, just one sport had a spectrum of emotions for Team USA.  Add in all of the other moments, like Shaun White’s gold medal (and his subsequent waterworks making all of us watching cry at home hideously on our couches), or Hungarian skater Ivett Toth’s AC/DC routine, and the 2028 PyeongChang Olympics were momentous.  But the best, funniest, and top moment of all?

The streaker in the tutu and the monkey sock.   The Olympics are a sporting event, so streaking is practically essential.  After the men’s 1,000 meter speed skating event, the audience was not disappointed.  A man in a pink tutu and monkey sock covering his nether-regions, with ‘peace + love’ written across his chest, streaked his way onto the ice, ultimately falling hard on his rear cushioning.  You can catch a video and photo of the momentous occasion at the Times Union.

It kind of made me think, with all of the sports events and teams that the Capital District has had, have we ever had someone of this quality crash a sports field?