Chances are if you've watched TV in the last few years, you've seen the ads of a woman using a voice box to speak on the dangers of smoking and show the effects it had on her body.  The woman's name was Terry Hall and she was part of, what most called, the most disturbing campaign from the CDC on the hazards of smoking.

On Monday, Terry passed away in a Winston-Salem, North Carolina hospital from cancer at the age of 53. Hall started smoking in high school and contracted throat and oral cancer from her smoking. The cancer moved into her brain last year.

Hall was a "hero" according to CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden:

She was a public health hero. She may well have saved more lives than most doctors do.

The ads Hall stared in were titled "Tips of a Former Smoker". In the ads she showed how smoking and it's adverse effects ravaged her body over the years. She was first seen putting on a wig, inserting false teeth, and using a scarf to cover the hole in throat as her daily ritual of getting ready.

In another ad, she told smokers to make a recording of their voice today, wither it was reading a children's book or singing a lullaby saying:

I wish I had. The only voice my grandson's ever heard is this one.

Below you can find out more about Terry Hall in a report from USA Today.

Our condolences and prayers go out to her family and friends.

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