As reported by News 10 abc, a basketball coach from Hagaman, NY is now behind bars for secretly filming kids.  John Salisbury, a volunteer girls basketball coach at St. Mary's Institute in Amsterdam, secretly set bathroom cameras to capture video of kids.  It's also claimed that he uploaded an image of child porn online, and aside from that, he is being charged with a number of crimes including endangering the welfare of a child as well as promoting a sexual performance by a child.

This beyond sickens me.  As someone who was a lifelong athlete, from elementary school through Division I NCAA (ski racing), I spent a majority of my life in the presence of coaches. I put an immense amount of trust in my coaches, as did my parents.  I travelled with coaches, spent time with coaches, and developed trusting relationships with my coaches.  Beyond the obvious disgust at the actions of surveillance and child pornography, I can't imagine how all of the athlete's and parents feel.  As a former competitive athlete, I would be horrified if this happened to me.  It seems according to News 10 abc that the school is taking action and has both reached out to families as well as offered counseling for the students.


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