As mentioned earlier on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show the rumors that the Batman/Superman movie will have two parts, have officially been squashed. Rumors of Doomsday and Cyborg being in the movie have not. If you read the comics like me, none of this is good news and I don't know if you can still "Sink The Japanazis With Bonds & Stamps." 


I am not looking forward to this movie and in fact I kind of don't want to see it all.  I had invested enough time reading comics to feel a little upset about what I have learned about this movie from all the rumors.

First of all, the movie is supposed to based on "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns" and is a book about Batman, not Superman, yet this is supposed to be the sequel to the new Superman movie. It takes place in the distant future where Batman comes out of retirement to take down a corrupt Superman. This book is considered a  "else worlds" story, meaning it is not apart of the main DC Universe story line.

It has been made clear that Wonder Woman will be playing a big role in the story. Then it should be called "Trinity" which are the books where Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are the main characters.

Now they are saying that Doomsday will be the villain in the movie. The character that is supposed to kill Superman, years after Superman had been established as a superhero.

Warner Bros has taken bits and pieces of three different stories and combined them into one big steaming pile of something I don't care to describe.

That is just my opinion, what is yours?



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