Now, this is a job I could get behind. Get your resumes ready, they are looking for people to do this job.

Now surely having a job where you eat pizza at home seems too good to be true right? Well, you would tend to think so. But you would be wrong. You really could have a job where you make $1,000 a day to taste test pizza.

Ooni, a maker of wood-fired pizza ovens is the company you will be receiving paychecks from. Here is a slight catch. You probably should know how to cook. Obviously cooking damn good pizza is a plus.

$1,000 dollars a day will be given to qualified candidates who will be able to film their procedures and to someone who may have been a cook, according to News 10.

If that isn't you, don't fret. They are still going to pay people $300 a day to stretch pizza dough and make a pizza without the caveats listed above. That's still a lot of cash if you tally it up.

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