Costumes are getting banned not only in the Capital Region but across the country so on this weeks Free Advice Friday we say be what you want for Halloween.

I don't know what is going on in the world today but I'm convinced that someone or a group of someones is on a mission to take the joy out of everything fun in life. Their latest victim, Halloween.

All across the country schools, counties, towns and cities have begun banning costumes. One right here in the Capital region won't even let kids dress up as clowns. Clowns, which before the internet, television, and modern technology where one of kids only forms of entertainment. Some places have just got rid of the Halloween holiday all together and are now celebrating "Black and Orange" day.

I feel like at some point here in the near future were going to be live in George Orwell's 1984 or a modern day Plesantville. Isn't the whole point of Halloween to step outside of your normal every day and be something or someone else?!?

I feel like things are beginning to get out of control and as soon as someone feels the slightest bit uncomfortable things are instantly banned. So on this weeks Free Advice Friday our advice for you is Be Whatever YOU Want to be for Halloween! If you want to be something scary, or silly or sexy do it. Look you want to be something totally offensive, I mean that's all you. People are going to have different opinions on things and they will all probably judge you but lets be honest your going to have to deal with that through every walk of life anyway right? So wear a costume that makes you happy this year.


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