This episode of Behind the Q is inspired by real events that are true or true events that are real.  Either way, Dan America did not get any wings from Hooters last week and if it's one thing that Dan America loves more than the Lions and the WWE, it's wings from Hooters.

Here is a list of demands from the People's Republic of the Garage:

  • Another shrubbery!
  • For Vinnie to be arrested for assaulting the king.
  • More wings (Naked with 911 sauce.)
  • Giant Lego's so we can sleep in them like in "Honey I Shrunk the Kids."
  • Our balls returned.
  • Earth.
  • Wind.
  • Fire.
  • Water.
  • A toilet.
  • A wall (We're not paying for it.)
  • For someone to go to the store for us because we can not let our guard down.
  • Batman.

If their demands are not met they have threatened to invade America to use the bathroom and go shopping for bacon, beer, and stuff.


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