Being burglarized sucks, big time. A whole week can be ruined. Luckily for us in the Capital Region there is a city in our midst where it happens pretty often.

Troy has the distinct honor of being number eight on the list of burglary hot spots across New York. I am actually not that shocked by that ranking to be honest. I have been robbed in Troy myself, the town I call home.

On a late 4th of July eve in downtown Troy me and a buddy took in some Rocking On The River (Don't ask who played, I couldn't tell you). After the concert ended and I ate my first ever churro and drank 10 Heinekens (They were only $4) we decided to go bar hopping. I recall going to Dinosaur BBQ and having a Joe Mama's Milk followed by a Sierra Nevada Torpedo. That is where the train went off the tracks. Somehow 2 hours later I woke up $300 lighter. I blame myself for carrying that kind of money in downtown Troy.

Number one on the list shocked me a little bit too, Niagra Falls. It more shocked me because I thought that New York City would of course be number one. But nope it's not. You can check out the other top 10 cities at the link down below.