I got to say it, Justin Bieber almost had me on his side with this one. I was even willing to over look his awful diaper pants and all but he blew it in the end. As a dude who pees in sinks himself I can respect the use of the mop bucket. Beiber is off being a rich famous drunk teenage pop star and throwing his weight around just like I would be doing if I was in his position. Peeing in a mop bucket is not the worst idea, but bragging about it is. But the biggest issue I have with this video is when Bieber and his slender boy toy crew refer to themselves as the “wild kids”. Really, “wild kids”? You can’t name your group, you’re not in a gang, on a sports team, or even remotely “wild”. You’re the tamest most slender fragile group of china dolls the world has ever seen. So you almost had me Bieber but you need to humble the F up.