There is a bill that could be passed to make hunters safer during the season. It would lower the limit of blood alcohol content in hunters. Both the Senate and Assembly have passed a bill that would lower the amount of alcohol in a hunter's system to keep hunting season safer.

According to WKBW, the current blood alcohol content that is legal while hunting is 0.10 percent. This bill would lower it to the limit of one who is driving to .08. This is also the blood alcohol content threshold for boating as well. Safety is the main priority and lowering the level to that of driving and boating will benefit everyone who hunts.

The bill was brought to the Senate and Assembly from representatives in Rockland and Nassau counties. Although there were only a dozen arrests for hunting while intoxicated last year according to state conservation officers, this bill may eliminate them all together.

The bill now either gets approval or vetoed by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

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