As if daylight savings time isn't enough of an adjustment this week, Ma' Nature is about to drop some serious snow on the Capital Region.

Winter Storm 'Stella' is getting ready to drop what meteorologists are saying will be somewhere between 10" and 24" inches of snow all across the Capital Region. In anticipation of the BIG Nor'easter a handful of towns around the area have already issued  Snow Emergencies and travel advisories not to mention airlines have been canceling flights left and right at Albany International Airport.

So while everyone else is preparing for what "Could be the biggest storm of the season" I thought now would be a good time for us to remind you to make your preparations  and maybe have a bit of a laugh at 'Stella's' expense.

I have been seeing plenty of pictures today of stores completely cleared out of bread, milk, and eggs and I'm not sure why everyone always gets in the mood for french toast when the snow starts to fall but I wanted to make sure you are fully covered should you get snowed in for a bit but if you are in need of a break from you storm prep I've gathered some of my favorite memes I've seen today to serve as inspiration for you. Enjoy...