It's possible we might actually get some snow accumulation this winter.

Usually, when the threat of some actual snow comes down there is a lot of complaining going on. This winter, however, the Capital Region has been mostly without. Actually, as the Times Union points out it, has been since November since the Capital Region has got any significant snow. What's the point of having to endure the frigid cold if we don't get at least a little bit of snow to play in, am I right?

Well, apparently this lack of snow might be remedied this week. There are two winter storms that are heading our way. The first of which is looking to drop between 1 and 3 inches of snow on Thursday and Friday. The second has the potential to be quite a bit more. The National Weather Service is hesitant to predict snowfall totals quite yet but I hear that it looks like it could be dumping around a foot of snow on us this weekend.

The downside to getting our first snowfall of the year is that it may just come with especially cold temperatures.

Get those boots and gloves ready. Winter is coming ...