Spectrum News is reporting that a new warning has been issued by State health workers due to reports of synthetic marijuana laced with rat poison.  While this hasn't been found in New York yet, there have been reports in five other states, and a cause enough for concern that officials have released a warning.  According to Spectrum News, the laced substance has been linked to uncontrolled bleeding.

Synthetics scare me to begin with.  As a nurse, I've been elbow-deep managing people who have been high on synthetics and trying to keep them safe.  I've seen people go into psychosis for days at a time.  Not a few hours, but days.  And the things I've seen people do when they're in a drug-induced psychosis bad enough to be at the hospital? Where would I even begin. It's hard enough to manage from a medical side, not knowing what you're up against.  Throwing rat poison in?! Yikes.

This isn't just getting high, this is something that can be fatal.  I'm glad from so many angles that this warning was issued, both for the public and for health professionals.  If you're not aware, synthetic marijuana is also called 'K2' or 'spice' and is not at all the same as regular marijuana.  You can read all about it at the National Institute on Drug Abuse.