Not only will the program be available throughout Upstate New York but they are also extending it for the week of Halloween!

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So a couple of weeks back we were really pumped to tell you about Budweiser launching the “Give A Damn” program where they partnered with the ride sharing service Lyft in an effort to combat drunk driving and were offering up FREE Lyft rides every weekend through the end of the year.

The program was set to be available in states that had breweries operated by Anheuser-Busch InBev located within them. Seeing as though there is a brewery just outside of Syracuse in Baldwinsville it seemed as though all of New York would have a chance to participate in the promotion.

That is until the first promotion code came out and Upstate New Yorker's became aware that the only ride coverage area in New York State was in New York City. Basically rendering the codes useless for anyone who wasn't traveling to the city that weekend.

Give A Damn NYS Lyft Coverage Area

When I first noticed this I figured that it had to be a mistake. How could the brewery be in Upstate New York and yet no one within a 200 mile radius of it could participate? Then I thought maybe it was just because Upstate NY was so new to ride sharing that they hadn't factored us in yet for some reason. So I did some investigating...

To be honest, my investigation hit a wall pretty quickly when no one at any of the numbers or emails I could find had an answer for me. Then a couple weeks later I got an email from their Media Relations people filling me in on the fact that they would be extending the #GiveADamn program throughout the entire week of Halloween (I'll get to those details for you in a minute). I politely thanked them for the information but filled them in on the fact the up until this point Upstate New Yorker's haven't been able to redeem their codes due to the limited ride coverage area so at this point the extension didn't really pertain to us.

After bringing our little issue to their attention I am now happy to inform you that the ride coverage area for Budweiser's #GiveADamn program has been expanded to include all of New York State! More importantly this means that the Capital Region now has the opportunity to get a safe free Lyft ride courtesy of Budweiser each weekend throughout the end of the year!

Give a Damn NYS Lyft Coverage Area New

Now for all of the pertinent information you need to access a code and get your FREE Lyft,

At 2 p.m. each Thursday, starting Sept. 21, Budweiser will share a unique code on its Facebook and Instagram channels. Up to 10,000 people  21 and older can claim a $20 credit (for two $10 one-way rides). The credit can be redeemed on the Lyft app for rides taken between 5 p.m. and 5 a.m. local time that Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night.

Just a word of advice the codes go quickly as we are not the only state participating. So if I were you I would set an reminder and as soon as 2 o'clock hits and that code is posted open your Lyft app and enter the code to redeem your free ride for the weekend!

As an added bonus this week Budweiser wants to make sure you get to and from your spooky festivities safely so they are extending the days you can redeem your codes! This weeks code will be available for redemption anytime between 5 p.m. and 5 a.m. from Thursday, October 26th through Wednesday, November 1st. So don't forget to get your code tomorrow at 2pm!

If you are new to ride sharing and would like you first ride FREE on a day that is not on a weekend you can totally download the app and use my code CANDACE149069  for a free Lyft!