Need a job?  Well, according to the Times Union, Special Quality Packaging- a food packaging company in Glenville- is going to be adding 45 jobs to their roster as part of a large multi-million dollar expansion.  The Times Union reports that Special Quality Packaging is buying a large building right next to it's current facility right in the Glenville Business and Technology Park.  It's already a large operation, and you can get more details at the Times Union.

It's nice to see jobs being created in and around the Capital Region.  I know personally from crashing work days each week with the Q103 Work Day Distraction how hard so many of you work in the Capital Region.  I also know, having family members who work for large corporations and in warehouses, how hard and stressful it can be when those mass-layoff times come around.  Glad to see this development happening here in Albany, and I can only hope some hard workers who need the work get chosen for the jobs!