Running a restaurant is not an easy business. It's a high stress job with high turnover, performance, and scrutiny. Add tough economic times, and it makes for another hard year for many Capital Region restaurants. 2020 and 2021 saw the end of many foodie favorites and while that's slowing in 2022, we've still had more painful goodbyes.

Who knows how long we'll still be feeling the effects COVID made to our favorite eateries. Not only did virus shutdowns take months of money and staff from the hospitality industry, but new rules and norms carry their own price of admission. For some, it's not a price worth paying.

Some restaurants on this list were at the end of slow declines. Some were closed by  total surprise. One even survived an entire century to come to a peaceful close.  Whatever the reason, they'll be missed by their regulars across The Capital Region. It's hard to say goodbye to a favorite.

These Are Restaurants The Capital Region Has Lost in 2022

From criminal charges, to health problems, to just moving on as life changes, here are some of the restaurants across the Capital Region that have closed this year.

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