As reported by WNYT today, Troy police are investigating what is believed to be a quadruple homicide.  WNYT reports that four bodies were found in a basement apartment on 2nd Ave. in Troy.  Little details have been released, and it is unknown what age or gender the victims were, or how long the bodies have been there.  Reportedly, the property manager found the bodies and called it in, and at the time of WNYT's post, traffic was being rerouted due to the ongoing investigation. However, it is noted in their report that a news conference will be held today, hopefully releasing more details about this tragedy.

It's easy to jump to "this is so awful around the holidays," but it's plain awful any time of the year.  Hopefully the police have some leads on this, and there will be some sort of resolution in a situation that just sounds tragic.  My thoughts are going out to those involved and affected by this horrible situation.