2016 has been a year to be remembered in rock music. So many bands coming back with new material and its obvious we love it.

As voted on by the Capital Region here are the best rock songs of 2016. Lets first start off with some honorable mentions. Metallica is the standout. Many people are really digging their new album, I am too. Four people commented with Metallica, four separate songs too. From Hardwired, Moth Into Flame, Atlas, Rise! and Murder One. Other honorable mentions include Muse with Reapers, Skillet with Feel Invincible, A Day To Remember with Paranoia, Five Finger with I Apologize!

  1. Disturbed - Sound Of Silence, This song just flat out dominated 2016 and the votes have shown with almost double the runner up! I am of the opinion that this song was done better this time as opposed to Simon and Garfunkel.
  2. (TIE) Ghost - Square Hammer, Highly Suspect - My Name Is Human, Both bands graced the Capital Region for the first time this year and it seems that they have left an impression. Number three is empty due to the tie.
  3. Avenged Sevenfold - The Stage, See to me, I was insanely shocked when I heard this song. Thinking alright lets hear what the new drummer is like and man is he good. When it hit the drums in the intro I thought "Wait, did Mike Portnoy do this one?"
  4. Red Sun Rising - The Otherside, This one was just on the cusp due to debuting in 2015 but man was it good. One hell of a debut single for a bad and am very much so looking forward to hearing it again in February.

If there are anymore you think should be on the list please leave a comment below.

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