With dueling Woodstock 50th Anniversary festivals coming to Upstate New York on the same weekend this summer Carlos Santana has reveled which festival he will be performing at.

Two Woodstock 50th Anniversary celebrations have been announce for the weekend of August 16th - 18th in Upstate New York. The first at the site of the original Woodstock Festival at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts in partnership with Live Nation called the Bethel Woods Music and Culture Festival called. The second at Watkins Glen International Race Track that will be produced by Michael Lang, co-founder of the original Woodstock, called Woodstock 50.

Festival lineups and ticket prices are expected to be released sometime next month however, some of the artists that performed at the original festival have been commenting on rumors of which festival, if any the will be playing.

Carlos Santana has previously stated that he was in for a 50th anniversary festival and has since confirmed to Rolling Stone that he has chosen to play the festival in Woodstock at Bethel stating

He had been hoping to work with original Woodstock promoter, Michael Lang, on the official Woodstock 50 but decided instead to take part in Live Nation’s tribute. “They have an amphitheater there. I’m going to invite whoever is still here, whether it’s Joan Baez or members from Sly Stone, and I’m going to play Santana music. Santana’s going to be the house band, but I want to be able to honor those who are still here and maybe invite rappers like Common or Kendrick Lamar. Santana’s very interested, like Miles Davis, into connecting with people from 7 years old to under 33. I don’t want to be just like a jukebox in the twilight zone, stuck in the Sixties.”

Meanwhile The Who's Roger Daltry, who played the original Woodstock, has stated that August is too hot for him in the states to work and that he didn't have any interest in playing.