On Christmas morning the kids will be juiced because the Christmas adrenaline will be pumping enough holiday cheer through their veins that they will turn into little Christmas Bulls and they will stampede toward the presents, even if you have just one kid.

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The parents, the poor adults who spent all night making this miracle happen can not match the energy of their kids and that is when accidents happen.

Here are some Christmas morning accidents you will want to avoid:

Running with the Christmas Bulls.

There is no mercy on Christmas morning, your kids will knock each other over, they may knock each other into the tree or on top of all the presents. You can tell them to slow down by telling them to stop but they will not hear you, there are a number of ways you can avoid this: barricade, a leash, a lasso or you can block them like an Offensive Lineman. The only way to peacefully avoid this: hugs.

Cardboard, Plastic & Paper Cuts.

Their little claws will dig into every package, you can tell them to slow down but they will perceive it as a challenge and try harder and probably end up with a nasty paper, plastic, or cardboard cut on their hands or fingers and suddenly your Christmas morning will turn into a blood bath! they're plenty of ways to avoid this but the most common sense solution is to take a mental inventory of which presents are the most difficult to open and open the presents for them. What ever you do, don't do what my Dad did and use a industrial box cutter to open a small plastic package and accidentally stab yourself. Instead practice patience under fire and make sure that you're awake enough, if you take your time, your kids will scream and that should wake you up.


There are a lot of things that can cause a fire on Christmas morning and it's usually a result of negligence or someone trying to overdue decorations because "It's Christmas!" just remind yourself or that person that "It's Fire" and take the proper precautions of avoiding setting your Christmas a blaze.


Once again, patience under fire, turn the Christmas battle cries into your alarm clock and remember if something looks dangerous it probably is.

Hover Boards.

Don't buy them, they're not even real Hover Boards if they have wheels.

Pet related accidents.

Pets are a hazard on Christmas morning so overfeed them to slow them down because IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!

In conclusion: Patience, pay attention and try not to do anything too stupid because your kids will be doing plenty of that, and most important! do not preoccupy yourself with taking pictures and videos and posting them as soon as possible because you should be watching your kids on Christmas morning and not your friends on Facebook!