I know we have been experiencing a heatwave and not thinking of winter in the Capital Region. But if I could find a way to scrape together hundreds of thousands of dollars, I would buy this new snowplow that the Albany Airport has just bought. It removes snow in seconds and it throws snow hundreds of feet.

The Albany International Airport has purchased a monster snowblower to help with the winter snowfall in the Capital Region. It is the Kodiak snow blower and they are treating it as the pinnacle truck for snow removal. According to News Channel 13, this massive truck can clear an average home's driveway in just three point five seconds. It can also throw snow fifty feet over a house and two hundred feet away. The cost of this monster truck is five hundred ninety-one thousand dollars.

I wish I would be able to borrow the truck. Can't someone come up with a modified version of this so that we can afford one and it wouldn't take an hour to shovel out the driveway? They could call the modified truck the Kodiak Cub. I mean I wouldn't use it to launch the snow two hundred yards over my neighbor's house and down the street. But I would appreciate it for how quickly we could get the driveway cleared especially at four in the morning. Maybe an entire county could pitch in and then go house to house and do everyone's driveways in a matter of seconds. I guess that's just wishful thinking. Never mind it's summer, I'm done thinking about the winter.

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