I myself am trying to abstain from fast food completely. However, in times of hurry, there are some places that stand out from the rest. This place is one of them.

Think quick, would we make a big deal over McDonald's? Nope, they are everywhere, same would go for Burger King. Now Chick Fil A, we would make a huge deal for that. Sadly, not a Chick Fil A. We will keep you well posted if one of those comes though. The restaurant to make its Saratoga County debut is Sonic.

Sure, we already have Sonic in the area. But now you probably won't have to make a special trip to get to one as now one will be in Latham, Troy, and Clifton Park.

The new location will be right off Route 146. Right in the heart of the city. I am happy about this as I think Sonic is quite delicious.