I know I have a reputation of being a rugged manly man, however when it comes to ice cream, I have a deep weird confession… I’m rather particular.

Looking at me you probably think “there’s a guy who loves to hunt, owns several power tools and drives a big gas guzzling truck. However, on top of all those things I also have a weird crazy obsession with ice cream.

Some people like ice cream, but with me it’s a very intimate moment. I have a certain criteria that comes when eating ice cream.

#1. The room has to be well lit so I can see it.

#2. I must be sitting comfortably, there will be 0 walking while enjoying.

#3. Don’t talk to me. You can try but do not except an answer, I am in the zone!

#4. If I’m at home, you bet your balls I’m mixing what ever I go into that bitch and taking my ice cream to the extreme.

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