I am convinced that the wild life in the Capital Region are beginning to reclaim their habitats or start making new ones.

I've noticed over the last couple of years that some of the wild life around the Capital Region have become less and less phased by the humans in the areas. From deer nonchalantly strolling across the street paying no mind to the motor vehicles whizzing by to coyotes running up and down Lark St.

This morning one such coyote decided that he (or she) was going to make a stop at the New York State Museum and try to take a ride on the Carousel. Instead of taking a spin though the Times Union is reporting that some Capitol Guards and visitors got a bit freaked out and had to evacuate the 4th floor while Department of Environmental Conservation officers, state police and Albany County Animal Control tranquilized it and DEC's wildlife health lab for further evaluation.

Now I don't know if the coyote was sick or how it managed to get up on the terrace but from the pictures it kind of looked like it was just resting and taking in the views. Either way I'm sure this entire area was once their natural habitat and as we humans keep taking over all the space where are these animals supposed to go?

Does the wild life where you live seem to a bit more brazen recently?

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