If you love the thrill of the hunt…the diamond in the ruff….the super deal among the just okay deals…then this store coming to Schenectady is for you!

According to an article in Albany Business Review the High $5 Treasure Hunt is opening in September at Crosstown Commons in Schenectady.

It could be bottles of vitamins, humidifiers, PVC pipe cutters, remote control cars, drones, laptops, ear buds, electric scooters, video game controllers, fidget spinners, smartphones, smartphone cases and on and on.

This store is so unique that literately everything is $5 or less, but there’s a catch. New stock is delivered on Friday from closeouts, discontinued items, retailer returns and overstocks. You never know what is coming in on Friday and that’s the thrill. Items that don’t sell on Friday or Saturday for $5 are discounted a dollar on Saturday, another dollar on Sunday and then practically given away early in the next week. Then on Friday it all starts over again. All the items are piled into metal bins and tables so you can search for your amazing deal.

I’ve been to one of these stores where I lived before and it’s crazy fun! It’s like Black Friday and a Goodwill mixed together. I know what you’re thinking, “Most of it has to be just junk right?” Well, yes some of it is, but there are a lot of new in the box items, new clothing, kitchen items, and electronics. Yes, I’ve even seen laptops and Xboxes that you can get for $5!

So if you’re a bargain hunter you need to check out the High $5 Treasure Hunt.