On Friday a developer confirmed two businesses that he plans to bring to Clifton Park and Chick Fil A is one of them.

In an article I recently did which also was spawned with some help from the Times Union, I asked what businesses that we don't already have in the Capital Region would you like to see come our way, Chick Fil A ran away with that. Looks like this is going to be a reality.

Developer Scott Earl is proposing a 60,000 plus square foot building on Route 146 around Old Route 146. Earl already has plans for two tenants which he confirmed on Friday. Now, this plan isn't final. Tuesday its set to go across the towns planning board.

Ultimately there will be five buildings said Jason Dell, Engineer with Lansing Engineering. Fresh Market with call one home while Chick Fil A will call another. There are however some I guess you could say growing pains if this was to become a reality. Roads would need to be widened and more than likely traffic patterns and signals as well.