I’ve been saying it for some time that as each state adopts some kind of legalization of marijuana eventually all the states will fall into the recreational category….I’m guessing that one of the southern states will be the last to fall. Yes, I’m looking at you Arkansas! Once that happens the next step is national legalization. Today, New York took another step in that direction.

According NEWS 10, Monday morning Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana in New York. Basically, reducing any amount less than two ounces of pot to a ticket between $50-$200. More than two ounces and you’re looking at a more serious offense. The other part of the bill is that convictions for small amounts of weed would be dropped and records expunged. Most people are seeing this as one of the first real steps to some sort of legalization of recreational marijuana in the Empire State.

Obviously, the bill to legalize recreational marijuana fell short this year and decriminalizing was considered a compromise….for this year.

Almost all states that have some kind of legal marijuana, medical, recreational or both, started down the path of legalization by decriminalizing small amounts weed. Currently, 33 states have some level of legalized medical or recreational marijuana. New York is one of the Medial Marijuana states that allows use if it’s medically prescribed for serious illnesses like cancer, AIDS and chronic pain.

According to a poll released by Quinnipiac University 65% voters in New York support recreational legalization. So, do you support it too? Leave us comments below and let us know what you think.