We were literally itching for hours after just taking pictures of it.


Okay, we may have been being a bit dramatic and I'm sure our "itching" was completely psychosomatic but it didn't help that we looked away for a minute and then couldn't find it again anywhere! Regardless, these seemingly cute and fuzzy caterpillars can really cause some damage if your skin comes in contact with them.

Although these little creatures known as the white hickory tussock moth caterpillar look all cute and fuzzy, trust me, you don't not want to touch them. Apparently all those little spiky hairs they have actually contain chemical toxins that when they come in contact with your skin can cause a crazy rash similar to poison ivy! According to CBS6Albany in some extreme cases a person can experience vomiting, blurred vision, and even difficulty breathing.

It's not just people the little critters can harm either it can have the same effect on your four legged fur friends as well! So if you see one I suggest you slowly back away and let it squirm along it's marry way. If you happen to find one crawling on you by chance experts say you should brush it off wit a stick to minimize contact with the hairs.

If you would please excuse me, I'm going to go shower now, I'm itching just writing this article!