Stink Bug season is back.  But you know what?  There actually seems like a fairly easy way to get rid of them.

I know I always say that it's the best time of the year, because frankly the Fall is (as a lover of all things Fall).  But, Stink Bugs can be pests.  Anyone who lives in New York knows them, sees them, smells them, and has to deal with Stink Bugs trying to find a place to crash for the winter inside homes and buildings.

Getting rid of them though?  I actually found an article posted from New Jersey about this one.  I'm guessing the tip will work the same as Jersey's Stink Bugs aren't any different than New York Stink Bugs- maybe just a heavier accent.  Anyways, that's besides the point.

The article from Patch suggests that all you need to get rid of Stink Bugs is a pan, water, soap, and a light.  Easy, right?   The next steps- fill a roasting pan with water and dish soap, and put the light over the pan to attract the bugs in a dark room.  According to research mentioned in the article, this trapped up to 14 more times the bugs than store-bought traps.

So there you go!  Happy Stink Bug hunting.

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