Ticks ticks ticks.  They're everywhere.  And they seem to be getting worse each season. But a new warning was recently issued about ticks, and it's not for humans.

CBS 6 Albany reported about a Burnt Hills Veterinarian recently finding about 60 ticks on a barn cat.  Not 1, not 6, but 60.  One of the veterinarians that cbs 6 Albany talked to and reported on issued a warning after the event.  Apparently it's not quite as bad for cats as it is for animals like dogs and horses to be bit with ticks, but since we're watching out for ourselves, we should watch out for our pets too.

According to the cbs 6 Albany post, exposure to ticks for dogs can be fatal and cause problems with their kidneys and brains.  Some other issues that can happen with pets and ticks are skin reactions, and allergic reactions.  Growing up in an extremely rural area, I honestly can't remember ticks being as bad as they have been in the past 5 years.  Both the amount of ticks and the new diseases are concerning, and that's coming from someone who used to run through tall grass barefoot to a creek day in and day out.  Now it seems like I can't even walk 100 feet without having to check for ticks.

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