One of my favorite desserts is the Dairy Queen Blizzard. If you have as much of a problem as I do deciding which delicious concoction to get, Dairy Queen just made it easier. According to, Dairy Queen's solution to trying to decipher what sweet treats you want in your blizzard is their new Mini Blizzard Treat Flights. They combine three different flavors of ice cream and blended with treats on a flight tray.

You can only get the Dairy Queen Blizzard flight through the month of May. They are also introducing six new Blizzard flavors for the summer. Caramel Cannonball, Oreo Cookie Jar, Brownie Dough, S'mores, Cotton Candy, and Summer Berry Cheesecake. Click HERE for complete descriptions of their new Blizzards.

My favorite Dairy Queen Blizzard has to be the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup made with chocolate ice cream. (In case you wanted to know.)

There is a Dairy Queen Grill and Chill restaurant at 1652 Central Ave in Colonie and another one in Ghent at 2319 State Route 66.

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