Dan America & DJ Supreme debate the issues, facing American culture today.

Is "Star Wars" racist?

"Back to the Future" day?

These are just 2 of the issues, that Dan America & DJ Supreme debate, with special guest Levack.

That's not all!

The Great Debaters have debated many issues, and have had many special guests, this next video is not one of them.

I think that this video is the reason why we did not have a guest for a while.

Like I said before, we the "Great Debaters" have debated over the issues facing American culture, and we don't cut corners, just watch this epic debate over the $15.00 an hour wage increase.

Supreme, is in control, but Dan America takes control.

When people all over America were voicing their opinion, on Caitlyn Jenner, DJ Supreme & Dan America debated!

With special guest: Comedian Jaye McBride.

It all started when I refused to budge on my stance, regarding Kanye West.

Stay tuned for more great debates.