Feel a bit off since the time change Sunday morning? You're not the only one and strangely enough, the time change has actually effected the economy in Albany.

SleepBetter.org says that not only does the time change causes (at the very least) a sluggish feeling or even fatigue, but apparently is cost us money too!

Nationally, the hour lost costs just over $434 million but how does it compare to locally and even state wide? Below are the effects from Albany to Glens Falls, Buffalo, Ithaca, and beyond.

The chart goes as follows:
City/Cost of Lost Hour/Population in '10/Index Rank/Per Capita Cost/National Difference Per./MSA Rank

Buffalo-Niagara Falls, NY$2,440,468.001,135,50971$2.1138427.76%49
Ithaca, NY$203,399.00101,564112$1.9697019.05%342
Albany, NY$1,621,964.00      870,716 158 $1.83212 10.74%  59
Binghamton, NY$458,868.00251,725169$1.792888.36%186
Glens Falls, NY$234,236.00128,923176$1.786968.01%299
Utica-Rome, NY$543,419.00299,397177$1.785167.90%160
Kingston, NY$329,107.00182,493183$1.773707.21%226
Syracuse, NY$1,180,655.00662,577194$1.752575.93%80
Rochester, NY$1,877,514.001,054,323195$1.751465.86%51
Elmira, NY$157,948.0088,830  196  $1.748815.70%357