If you already were worried about ticks with how bad they have been the past few years, this year is already shaping up to be horrible.

Hopefully, you take all necessary precautions when it comes to being outside, especially in wooded areas. Now that summer is here it certainly is not cool to be hanging out at a fire pit with friends having your socks hiked up over the cuff of your pants. Then again when that can prevent ticks, I wouldn't be one to judge.

According to News Channel 13, the Columbia County Department of Health has indeed confirmed the counties first case of the Powassan Virus. This is the virus you may see described as "Brain Swelling" this is not anything to mess around with. Thankfully the county is also reporting that the victim is said to recovering well.

Take all precautions this summer and I myself, someone who is not a doctor, would advise seeing a doctor for a tick bite if you are the recipient of one.

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