Only six or seven months until deer season rolls around again, but it's never too early to prepare!  At least that's what I learned growing up with a dad that hunts, and after all the years of going to hang out in the woods with him scoping out tracks and trails.  But unfortunately, according to the DEC 2017 Deer Hunting Summary reported by, Albany doesn't quite compare to some of the other counties in New York.  Now, obviously this is no shock as someone who grew up in a hunting family.  It seems like there are always way more deer in western and southern New York.  But it is interesting to look at the counties and compare, check out the map and buck densities, and maybe start planning a hunting trip for this year!

You can see the map and get all the info at, but I'll give you some spoilers-  the top county for 'Buck Take Density' was Steuben County, while Orange County in southern New York made the cut for top 10, as did our fairly nearby Otsego County.  How was your hunting season for 2017? And have you had luck hunting in the Capital Region?