On Monday of this week I orchestrated a demonstration at the office, it was the hottest protest you will ever see, check out how I supported the Yogis in San Diego.

I am posting this video again for a number of reasons, but the most important reason of them all is because I like yoga pants, and I am an American that practices what I preach.

So when I am admiring a person in yoga pants, I expect no dirty looks from anyone, because I feel that I am entitled to look at people in yoga pants.

My yoga pants clad butt is the 1 butt that will represent all yoga pants clad butts.

To everyone and anyone who does not like seeing yoga butts in the air, or shaking around town, this one is for you!

To everyone and anyone who were ever told to go put on some pants while you were just wearing your yoga pants, this one is for you!

This one is for the yogis!

P.S. You can join the cause and send me images of you in your yoga pants, just find me, Dan America on facebook.


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