The New York State Roundabout, everyone's favorite driving argument. Who has the right of way, which lane am I supposed to be in, how do I exit this thing? Do I need to use my turn signal when entering and exiting a New York roundabout?

With all the roundabouts in New York State you would think drivers would have an easier time figuring them out. Maybe New York doesn't have enough. Here's how the Empire State ranks when it comes to the number of roundabouts per state.

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New York was the very first state to have a roundabout. Columbus Circle in Manhattan was built in 1857 and now, according to, there are nearly 9,000 roundabouts in the United States. How many does New York have and how do we rank in the Country?

There are 251 roundabouts in New York State. When you consider the size of our state that doesn't seem like a lot. Let's see how we stack up according to the Roundabout Database.

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To learn how to navigate a roundabout, understand their purpose and for roundabout safety information in New York State click HERE.

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