Stupid is as drunk does I guess. An Australian man drunkenly attempts riding a crocodile - because you know, it seemed like the cool thing to do. Somehow, the guy survives to tell what might be the dumbest, yet craziest, drunken story ever.

Michael Newman was kicked out of a local pub for, of all things, being too drunk. In his drunken adventures wondering around near the pub, he came across an enclosed area and this when he had an epiphany. He scaled the fence and attempted to ride a saltwater crocodile.

Needless to say, the croc didn't take too kindly to this and began to attack Newman's leg; tearing away chunks of skin. Michael somehow manage to get away and stumble back to the aforementioned pub with heavy injuries.

He received medical attention, including surgery, and is now recovering at the hospital. No word on any charges being filed for the trespassing but I think the lesson was learned. According to the crocodile farm owner, "had it been warmer out and the croc was more alert, Michael might not have survived." An average of 2 people per year are killed in Australia due to aggressive saltwater crocodiles.

What's the stupidest thing you ever done drunk?