A kangaroo is definitely NOT something I want to encounter on my drive home...

Some Upstate New York motorists got what I'm sure some would consider the shock of a lifetime on their commute home Monday night!

Picture this, you're driving home from work at about 5:30pm or perhaps even heading out to the Trumansburg Fair after work when all of a sudden you have to question your geographical location. Because there in the middle of the road right in front of you stands an animal who would normally only be found "down under" but instead is there staring you right in the eye.

Yea, no thank you. However, this was the case for several motorists (one in particular) on Route 96 in Trumansburg. According to NYup.com it appears that the kangaroo had escaped from the Turmansburg Fair because not long after the kangaroo was sighted a man appeared and began to chase the kangaroo back in that direction.

Below are some 'lovely' posts from the incident. Pardon the language in the first one but if I was in that mans shoes (or car) I think I might let some vulgarities loose as well.

and from the opposite direction...

On a side note, what's with all these crazy animal stories lately in Upstate NY? I blame the Eclipse. That thing is going to take the fall for everything from 2017 I'm telling ya.