Rockers Every Time I Die are hitting the road in July with headliners Taking Back Sunday for a month long tour.  However though the tour has yet to take off, there already seems to be some drama surrounding Every Time I Die being blocked from a tour date at the House of Blues in Orlando, FL on July 20th.  The band- who have spent about two decades as dedicated rockers giving their all to their fans- seemed shocked to find out recently that they had been blocked from the venue.  In a series of Twitter posts on the band's official page starting on March 22nd, they instruct people to contact House of Blues directly as to why they were not allowed to play, with no further explanation given by the band.  They themselves also alluded to being 'riled up' and frustrated over the situation.  I've gotten to see these guys live multiple times, and I've worked for them backstage personally a few times over the years, so I can definitely attest to how dedicated they are as rockers.  They're actually a band I look forward to working for! For anyone who saw them this past fall at Upstate Concert Hall, you know how much they rock! So why anyone would ban them from a venue is beyond me. Who knows, maybe the Orlando venue simply can't handle how heavy they throw down on stage. Check out all of their posts and the blow by blow here: