Student loan debt has reached an all-time high, only second to mortgages.

No wonder no-one I know around my age can buy a house.  But it's no surprise.  As a part of the generation that was told "college, college, college", we took out the loans, we did what we were told.  Then we wound up in a lot of debt.  My generation particularly was before the accessibility of all the cheaper and more flexible online programs now, but in an age where it was pushed upon you.

That being said, I have never complained about my student loans or been in a place where I didn't take accountability.  I took the loans, and now I work hard, I hustle, and I do what I can to pay them off.  People I know who got degrees that were not-so-useable however?  Well, that's a different story.

So with debt being as high as it is, and people only making so much money, it's also not a surprise that graduates would go to extremes to have their student debt paid off.  According to a study reported on by News 10, some of the options chosen in a survey were: spend a week in jail (39% would), have no time off work for a year (40 % would, but really?! A lot of people already have no time off, and most I know work two jobs), or walk to work for a month (49% would do this to have their loans paid off, but again, really? I also know people who have to walk to work that can't afford a car, or live close enough to work).

You can read all about it here.  What are your thoughts?

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