Another day, another crazy story in Facebook news!  News 10 abc has reported that Tikim Robinson of Gloversville was arrested and charged with harassment and obscenity charges.  The reason?  Well, allegedly he used a couple's Facebook photos to create an account, and posted on Craigslist under these identities as swingers, looking for other swingers.  Oh, and even worse, according to News 10 abc, the Craigslist ads included the victim's- aka REAL couple's- personal contact information, including phone numbers.

The incident was originally reported over the summer, however the arrest was just reported today on News 10 abc.  Frankly, I'm glad this guy got caught.  Some people may think it's funny to pull a prank, or to use someone's identity.  However, as someone who has gotten their Facebook photo stolen multiple times, there's nothing hilarious about it.  On two separate occasions, I've had my Facebook profile photos stolen and attached to an automated hack site, and I've then had to go on to explain myself to multiple people I know who thought I was involved in the 'dark side' of the web.  Let me tell you, there's nothing hilarious about a random acquaintance asking you if you're involved in dirty internet deeds because your photo got stolen.  I only WISH I could have had some recourse.  In the mean time, watch your Facebook photos (and who has access to them)!  Yikes!