I think it is safe to assume most people know about Rachel Ray and her connection to the Capital Region. You might not have known about these people.

Now when I say famous people tied to the Capital Region I mean either from here or some significant things to launch them to super stardom happened here. Let the google searches to correct these facts commence!

  • MIKE TYSON: Now no, Mike Tyson isn't from the area but his career sort of started here. His first every pro bout was indeed in Albany and his first televised match nationally happened in Troy at the Houston Field House on the RPI campus. So not one tie but two, pretty cool.
  • KIRK DOUGLAS: Another one that shocked me but unlike Tyson, Douglas actually was born and raised in Amsterdam. He would then go on to be one of the most legendary actors of the past 100 years.
  • JIMMY CARTER: One of a few presidents to have ties with us. His ties aren't like that of the others though. Most presidents had ties by being Governor of the state. Carter attended Union College studying nuclear physics for a short time in the 50's.
  • MICKEY ROURKE: I think it is safe to say he isn't as big of a celebrity as some of the previous names on this list but much like Douglas, Rourke grew up in Schenectady.
  • THE THREE STOOGES: The world of comedy was changed so much due to these slap stick genius's and to think they all actually lived in Chatham. Lots of proof on it too but never spoken of.
  • ANDY ROONEY: One many people know about, Andy Rooney from 60 Minutes fame was born and raised in Albany.
  • ANN B. DAVIS: You probably can't place a finger on who this is huh? Well she is the woman who played Alice on The Brady Bunch. She and her twin were both born in Schenectady.
  • DAVID HYDE PIERCE: Another name that may not be very recognized but born and raised in Saratoga was Niles from Fraiser.
  • JIMMY FALLON: One I bet almost everyone has heard about. He mentions it a decent amount on his show. Fallon attended St. Rose in the 90's.

I am sure there are so many names being left out. If you have any other names you know are either from here or established themself here, let us know! More names at the link below.