Eating health is important, sure. But fast food tastes so good late at night, or after a concert when you're still amped up, when you're in a rush... really, any time.  And yeah, there's a lot of choices in the Capital Region.  But we do seem to be missing a couple good chains.  We asked and you answered!  Here's some restaurants that we'd like to see (using your input) in the Capital District:

  • White Castle-  I will fully support this. My entire family is from New Jersey, so I'm a White Castle girl anytime I visit.  Guilty Please party of one right here.
  • Jack in the Box- The last time I ate Jack in the Box was at about 1 am somewhere random in Texas en route to a rock festival.  So I would really love to re-live the experience, but here in New York.
  • Chik-fil-A- The airport doesn't count as one.  There needs to be some more in the region, we agree!
  • Tim Horton's- I'll support this choice. I last saw one when I was up in Canada, and embraced getting good coffee and food
  • Del Taco-The last time I had Del Taco I started projectile vomiting in the parking lot at about 2 am when I was living out west.  If you want it, you can enjoy. I might pass....