Everyone has to go—that's just biology. If you've ever been curious about how much money you would be missing out on if you had to clock out to use the restroom at work, worry no more!

arda savaşcıoğulları
arda savaşcıoğulları

The good people over at Plumbworld over in the UK have created a "Toilet Calculator" which will help you track your bathroom visits while on the job and calculate how much you make while using the facilities based on your pay rate and the frequency and length of your bathroom visits.

According the the Huffington Post we as humans, who eat food that needs to be purged from our bodies, spend "92 days in a lifetime on the toilet and 1.5 years in the bathroom." But how much do we profit from it?

Start calculating your deuce rate by clicking HERE now! Don't forget to add in those 15  minutes you spent in there on fb/reading this article/calculating your bathroom pay, it counts too!